Are people really THAT naive?

I was recently told the story of how one of my competitors who after many years, is still beating his customer for a tremendous amount of (non-ferrous) weight, claiming that he weighed the material right at his customer’s location, here in the Trenton area. I don’t care how trustworthy your dealer may seem or what kind of “friendship” you think you have with him. If you don’t do at least a periodic check on your dealer, you are giving him the opportunity to take major advantage of you. I encourage even my own customers to make spot checks on your shipped weight (don’t tell your dealer until AFTER he tells you the weight). The prices I hear people say they’re getting quoted are often so ridiculously high that there’s no way for that dealer to make money, especially the ones who don’t have their own receiving location—I strongly suggest you check on that as well. Certain dealers (and yes, including the aforementioned one) don’t have their own location, even though their website makes it seem that they do. A visit or a check can show you that you’re allowing thousands of dollars each year to be stolen without you being the wiser, and even more tragically, thinking you’re dealing with an honest guy.

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