These Guys Crack me UP!!!

I just received another fax from a “company” that claims to be metal experts……hmmm. The last three of sixteen items they buy are (and this is how they spell them) : Molly, Nickle, and Tanthlum. Let’s face it — if you’re supposedly in the business of buying high dollar metals it would make sense that if you’re an “expert” that you’d be able to spell those metals correctly. When I google the toll free number that starts with “888”, no results appear that show a metal recycling business. That alone should be a red flag. It leads me to another question: Since a toll free number can lead to anywhere, where exactly are these people located? Like I’ve said in other posts, if you have no physical location, you can’t pay top dollar if you’re picking up more than one type of material. I feel sorry for businesses that fall for this deception.

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Search engines are becoming confusing and useless

Today I searched “Google” for scrap metal dealers in Trenton, NJ, and was appalled at www.moreymetal.com showing up on page 8, behind dozens of dealer pages who’s physical location is either very far from Trenton, or does not exist at all(don’t be fooled by a website; many dealers have no physical location even though they claim to——isn’t that right Gary L.? We are only one of four dealers either located in Trenton or an adjacent suburb, yet there is this amazing number dealers located in and around this small city, according to “Google”. These guys have paid big bucks to get their names at the top of the list, and that needs to get paid for somehow. Be careful. —

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Are people really THAT naive?

I was recently told the story of how one of my competitors who after many years, is still beating his customer for a tremendous amount of (non-ferrous) weight, claiming that he weighed the material right at his customer’s location, here in the Trenton area. I don’t care how trustworthy your dealer may seem or what kind of “friendship” you think you have with him. If you don’t do at least a periodic check on your dealer, you are giving him the opportunity to take major advantage of you. I encourage even my own customers to make spot checks on your shipped weight (don’t tell your dealer until AFTER he tells you the weight). The prices I hear people say they’re getting quoted are often so ridiculously high that there’s no way for that dealer to make money, especially the ones who don’t have their own receiving location—I strongly suggest you check on that as well. Certain dealers (and yes, including the aforementioned one) don’t have their own location, even though their website makes it seem that they do. A visit or a check can show you that you’re allowing thousands of dollars each year to be stolen without you being the wiser, and even more tragically, thinking you’re dealing with an honest guy.

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Tungsten Carbide and other Updates

Call us for your best deal. Also looking for tantalum bar. Stopped getting fooled by these guys who claim to have a yard and don’t. There is a very prominent dealer who sells and delivers his industrial scrap the same day he picks it up–NO ONE can pay top dollar who doesn’t have a location. He has a scale on his truck with PHONY counterweights. The prices are great, but if you’re not getting paid for your weight, what good is his price? His website even makes it look like he has a location. HE DOESN’T. If you read this and don’t investigate the practices and legitimacy of your scrap dealer, shame on you. Call me and I can explain why we are better.

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Other metals of interest

I’m currently looking for Selenium, Indium, Gallium, Germanium, and Tellurium. Please contact me if you have any form of these you’re looking to sell.

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Scrap Tungsten Carbide

Call us for pricing.

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Do you like being lied to?

Sometimes I think there are people out there that just want to hear high dollar quotes for their scrap, so anytime someone gets a higher quote than I’m willing to pay, they think I must be cheating them. Truth be told, there are MANY dealers who will over-quote just to steal away a scrap supplier from their competitor, and a “I’m going to cheat them somehow” is built in to the quote. I’m not sure who is the more foolish one(yes I do): the guy who wants to be lied to, or me for telling the truth.

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Why us?

I’m amazed at how many people call around or take offers for their scrap materials and only with the highest price. While getting the highest price seems like a no-brainer, what most of you don’t realize is that the recyling industry is chock-full of scam artists ON ALL LEVELS. I have seen multi-million dollar companies (most likely how they got that way) that get their material through the door with high prices, then cheat on their scale or make up reasons to downgrade material, sometimes increasing their profits by thousands on a single load of material, depending on what it is, of course. The status-quo in this business is weight cheating. Whether you are an individual selling scrap or an industrial manufacturer, the only way you have any recourse is to WEIGH YOUR SCRAP BEFORE YOU SHIP IT. Many dealers have long standing relationships with suppliers for many years and they have been robbing them blind. Keep in mind, if your dealer ALWAYS has the best price, this is probably happening. Many plant managers and agents close their eyes to this even if it’s discovered, as they don’t want the embarrasment of letting theit boss know that they have been dealing with someone who has stolen from their company for a very long time. If you’d like to catch your dealer in the act, please contact me.

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Weclome To Morey Metal Industries Blog

Welcome to our blog. We will use this portion of our website to educate our visitors about bulk metal purchasing. We will also use this blog to write about our companies news. Please make sure to bookmark our website for future references. Welcome, once again!

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