These Guys Crack me UP!!!

I just received another fax from a “company” that claims to be metal experts……hmmm. The last three of sixteen items they buy are (and this is how they spell them) : Molly, Nickle, and Tanthlum. Let’s face it — if you’re supposedly in the business of buying high dollar metals it would make sense that if you’re an “expert” that you’d be able to spell those metals correctly. When I google the toll free number that starts with “888”, no results appear that show a metal recycling business. That alone should be a red flag. It leads me to another question: Since a toll free number can lead to anywhere, where exactly are these people located? Like I’ve said in other posts, if you have no physical location, you can’t pay top dollar if you’re picking up more than one type of material. I feel sorry for businesses that fall for this deception.

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