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I’m amazed at how many people call around or take offers for their scrap materials and only with the highest price. While getting the highest price seems like a no-brainer, what most of you don’t realize is that the recyling industry is chock-full of scam artists ON ALL LEVELS. I have seen multi-million dollar companies (most likely how they got that way) that get their material through the door with high prices, then cheat on their scale or make up reasons to downgrade material, sometimes increasing their profits by thousands on a single load of material, depending on what it is, of course. The status-quo in this business is weight cheating. Whether you are an individual selling scrap or an industrial manufacturer, the only way you have any recourse is to WEIGH YOUR SCRAP BEFORE YOU SHIP IT. Many dealers have long standing relationships with suppliers for many years and they have been robbing them blind. Keep in mind, if your dealer ALWAYS has the best price, this is probably happening. Many plant managers and agents close their eyes to this even if it’s discovered, as they don’t want the embarrasment of letting theit boss know that they have been dealing with someone who has stolen from their company for a very long time. If you’d like to catch your dealer in the act, please contact me.

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